We Dare to Make Your Home Stand Out

We Dare to Make Your Home Stand Out We Dare to Make Your Home Stand Out

Amplify Staging Design ignites your home’s potential. We create a vibrant and welcoming space that’s magnetic to buyers.  



A Story

Never boring and always fun, we provide a unique, fresh, and electric design to each house that buyers will connect with and covet.  Taking the pulse of the home itself, we build a staging story that illuminates the space, and is bold and bright. 


An Experience

With thousands of listings on the market today, its important you’re creating an experience in the home, one that steals the scene both online and in person.  Buyers will see a world of possibility, living their dreams while experiencing Amplify Staging Design in Atlanta. 


An Instant Connection

 By keeping it fun, buyers see their own story play out within the four walls, creating an instant connection to the space. Make your listing go further with Amplify Staging Design — selling the dream life to potential buyers, contracting the home quickly, and making you more money.